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Small Business CEO Missing in Action | discoveryourpowerteam.com

Small Business CEO Missing in Action

Listen to the audio post:

If I were to follow you around for a day and be able to see everything you do and hear everything you say, would I come to the conclusion that you are a CEO – Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of what is or could potentially be a 6-figure business OR, might I think that you are part of the administrative support staff?


As entrepreneurs, many of you are wondering why you are having trouble getting clients, making money and actually experiencing the freedom and abundance you crave.


You blame the economy, or you say, “my clients don’t have any money, they will never pay me what I am worth” or “I’m overwhelmed”.  Are you are working 12-hour days…7 days per week….has your business taken over your life?


If so, why is this the case?


Many of you have told me it is because you don’t have people to help you, so you find yourself “stuck” doing it all…but you know what?  In my experience that may be one piece of the puzzle….most often than not, it is not the primary reason why you or your business are not at your peak potential.  Most often than not, it is because the CEO of your business – that would be YOU – is Missing in Action!


Could it be that you are getting small results, because you are acting small?  There is NO CEO at the helm of your business and you and your business are suffering!


Here’s the thing, I could easily tell you go out and hire a team or even one person…put your business systems in place…but none of that will matter if you are not showing up in your business…prepared to step up and put on your “big girl panties” (as one of my past mentors likes to say).


Simply put, you need to step up and step into your CEO role!


Now this is not about being a DIVA and frowning down upon certain administrative tasks that need to get done in your business.  This is about making sure you spend your precious time doing what matters…what really matters for the growth and success of your business.


So what should you be focused on?  These three things:

1. Generating revenue

2. Serving your clients/customers/patients by offering your blessing to the world

3. Providing leadership, vision and strategic direction


If you want additional information on how to get stuff off your plate, free your time so you can truly step into your CEO role and  you want to learn how to find and hire your dream team, I urge you to check out my latest home study program, Power Team Hiring Secrets.


In this program you will learn the exact step-by-step blueprint I use to hire dream team members for my VIP clients.  You will also get checklists, sample role descriptions, sample postings, interview questions and hundreds of tips so that you can hit the ground running.



Letting go, learning to delegate and hiring the right people for your team can be quite daunting.  Power Team Hiring Secrets gives you the tools at your finger tips so that you can have confidence that you are hiring just the right people you need for you and your business.


And the entire program is available for immediate download!  Claim your copy right now by clicking:  www.PowerTeamHiringSecrets.com!


  1. 1 Kim Dushinski

    You are so right! I now have a VA who works with me regularly (30 hours per month), but before I made that leap, I found that delegating even one small thing helped me feel more like a CEO.

    To get started wrapping your mind around building your team, I suggest hiring someone from Elance for a simple, small project.

    Looks like your Power Team Hiring Secrets course is awesome. It would have helped me a lot when I was going through the hiring process for my VA.

  2. 2 Sherley Grace

    Hi Kim,
    Glad that you have experienced the power of delegation first hand!

    Getting a VA on your team is a smart move. VA, web developer and bookkeeper are the first three team members I recommend to my coaching clients.

    Assigning a small test project at the beginning of the outsourcing relationship is a great idea. It provides invaluable insight not only on your new team member, but also on how you communicate, delegate and lead!

    Thank’s for stopping by!

  3. 3 Mary Lyn Miller


    I couldn’t agree more! I saw this in Lisa Sasevich forum, and was really drawn to it. This is the biggest block to my clients succeeding; they are trying to do it all themselves. I struggled for a long time with it too.

    I find it masks itself as a financial issue, but is often a “control” issue. Who could do it as well as I could? Do I really want to let anyone else in? Do you see that?

    I suggest one project at a time too. The results are often astounding. This is great stuff, and want to keep in touch. I do a monthly Forum with guest speakers from time to time. This might be a great subject for my audience.

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