AT LAST – A step-by-step proven, road map along with checklists and tools that you can use every single time you want to hire that RIGHT person for your team!

power team hiring secrets

For authors, speakers, coaches, healers, service professionals:

 Are you tired of doing it all yourself and ready to learn how to hire the RIGHT people for your team?

(And I don't mean hiring just anyone! I mean hiring your Power Team.  You know... the one that helps you live your true destiny.)

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You started your business because you wanted freedom -- and to help others by sharing what you do best.  You now realize that doing what you love and running a business are two different things

  • You find yourself wearing so many hats -- blogger, book keeper, sales team, customer service rep, computer specialist, web programmer, graphic designer, affiliate manager, social media specialist, event planner, ...and are having trouble learning and doing it all!

  • You are excited about growing your business, but just don't know how in the world you can do more than you are doing now.
  • You wonder if growing a successful business truly has to be this hard and take so much of your time!

  • Your work days extend into nights and weekends, and you’ve become totally consumed by your business. 

  • You are tired of trying to do it all yourself and ready to hire people to help you! 

  • You are overwhelmed at the thought of hiring even one person for your team, wondering how to get started.

  • You have hired before and are now afraid of hiring the wrong person.... again.

stop doing it all yourself

Stop trying to do it all yourself! 
Learn how to hire the people who are right for you and your business!


sherley graceHi!  I'm Sherley Grace and I help business owners regain 60%-70% of their time by working with them to hire the person(s) that are the best fit for them and their business. 

Every day, I help business owners regain control of their business and achieve the freedom they desire.  How? By  helping them hire a team that supports them...heck they do much more than’s a team that inspires them and empowers them...a team that leads part of their business, freeing up the entrepreneurs to do what they do best!

I want to share that knowledge and expertise with you!  In fact, I'm prepared to lay it all out for you in a simple step-by-step plan in my new self study program:  Power Team Hiring Secrets - Boost your time, energy and results! 

I’ve poured into this program over 25 years of experience.  Over the years, I have been:

  • Outsourcing entire departments in corporate North America
  • Building Power Teams in small businesses and for solopreneurs in the North America, France, the UK and New Zealand
  • Coaching and training business leaders in various countries all around the world
  • Personally leading multiple virtual teams of over 50 people located all over North America!

I know what works...and equally importantly, I know what doesn’t work when it comes to achieving the freedom you desire through outsourcing!  And, I’m ready to share it all with you, so you don’t have to figure it all out for yourself.


Sherley provides the safety net as you are changing team members and/or expanding your business!drsarahfarrant

"Sherley not only has skills in sourcing the ideal team member for you and your company but there is something else magical that happens when you enlist her services. There’s a bigger picture that becomes established, allowing you the business owner to let go and get on with stepping up to be the leader of your vision and business."

Dr. Sarah Farrant, DC
Chiropractor, Author, Mother of Vitalism


Did you know that the majority of successful entrepreneurs state that they would not be where they are today if they had not outsourced parts of their business? 

Many successful entrepreneurs state outsourcing was instrumental to their business growth and success!


alexis neely


“In the beginning, I tried to do it all.  You will self destruct if you do that! I wish I had hired more people sooner!”

Ali Brown
CEO & Founder, Ali International



“When I started to delegate my business started to boom. I am constantly asking myself, What am I doing that someone else could be doing? I always say – if you want something done right, hire an entrepreneur to do it.”

Catarina Rando, MA MCC



melanie benson strick “There's simply NO WAY I could have made $4.6 million in 24 months as an author, speaker, coach, seminar leader, and online marketer without outsourcing.”

Brendan Burchard
Founder, Experts Academy
Author, Life's Golden Ticket


agenda with coffee iStock_000003464775XSmall.jpg
You Choose Your Work Schedule...Let’s Say, Work 6 Relaxed Hours 4 Days a Week.

You Never Worry About Your Business … It’s In Good Hands.



conference audience iStock_000000910888XSmall.jpg
You Actually Have Time for Inspiring Activities – Things That Make YOU a Better Thought Leader.


vacation snorkling iStock_000012358381XSmall.jpg

You can go on vacation, and your business keeps on running... smoothly!



african american family iStock_000000953426XSmall.jpg

Your Family is Thrilled to Have You Back!


Are You Ready to Experience the Freedom a Successful Business Truly Offers?


Power Team Hiring Secrets Home Study Program
Boost your time, energy and results!


Hiring Your First Team Member or Growing Your Team?

Whether you are looking to hire your first part-time team member or you are ready to grow a team you already have in place, you'll discover strategies and tips designed to help you feel confident about hiring and save you a significant amount of time in the process! 

And, the best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home or office at your own pace.  No time or expenses incurred for traveling and no passport required!


photo suzanne-falter-barns.jpg

I was ready to go bigger but had no idea how to get there!

"Sherley’s amazing competency at helping solopreneurs hold the bigger vision and then implement it is just what I needed to get going.  She helped me find the PERFECT team for my larger goals. Sherley Grace is a godsend for any business!”

Suzanne Falter-Barns
Platform Building Expert


YOU can have that too!

If you are an action taker and interested in freeing up your time so you can focus on your core business, then I’d like to help you!

Learn how to find that magic team …. The people you’re REALLY meant to be working with. The ones who can help you truly live your dream – take away the muddle – and help you step into your true destiny.

They’re going to take things off your hands like:


Customer handling


Finding suitable Joint Venture partners

Managing affiliate program

Handling the creation and updating of your websites

Creating sales and squeeze pages

Organizing your Telesummits and live events, including finding suitable speakers

Resolving computer-related issues

Planning and organizing your product launches

And so much more!

Introducing:  Power Team Hiring Secrets Home Study Program - Boost your time, energy and results!

If you have never outsourced before or are unsatisfied with the results you’ve had so far, this home study program will give you everything you need to build the team that will BOOST you and your business to the next level!

In Power Team Hiring Secrets, you’ll learn everything you need to know about:

  • Determining what you should outsource and when
  • Identifying who you need to help you in your business
  • Attracting the right people for the job
  • Integrating your new team members
  • Creating team member loyalty
  • Protecting the intellectual property of your business
  • Setting expectations and having the difficult conversations
  • Taking on your role as CEO - the leader of your business and powerfully managing your team

You're about to learn my clear, PROVEN 5-STEP blueprint which teaches you EXACTLY how to find and hire the team that will help you live your true destiny, so that you can spend your time doing what you love - sharing your blessing, your expertise with the world!


Clear, Easy to Follow Road Map!

"Sherley is able to think through things on a level that most people take for granted. Every experience and every comment she has made has proven to be beneficial to us. Sherley has this amazing ability to dig deep and think of everything to make the process and the business run wonderfully."

Terry Ramirez
Online Marketing Manager


Power Team Hiring Secrets is comprised of 4 audio recordings that walk you step by step through my BOOST Power Team Hiring system.  You also get a fifth audio recording featuring a series of questions and answers -- the most commonly asked questions along with my personal answers and insights.   All are available to you in downloadable mp3 audio format, so that you can listen to them at your leisure and have them to refer to time and time again!

Here is an overview of what you'll discover in the Power Team Hiring Secrets Home Study program featuring my BOOST Power Team Hiring Blueprint:

Module 1 - Begin with the End in Mind

We start of by looking at how to free up your time.  Let's face it, the goal is to lighten your you to focus on what really matters.  We do that by determining what can be taken off of your plate and delegated.  Learn how to do this in a way that serves you long-term!  We are not talking about simply applying a band aid solution, so we'll use on of Steven Covey's principles as we:

goals iStock_000005085768XSmall.jpg  Identify who you really need to help you and why
  Determine what should be outsourced and what should not
  Explore how you are truly spending your time (this will be quite the eye opener!)
  Define what YOU should be working on
  Learn how to create effective role descriptions that will enable your business to run without you
  And more!


Module 2 - Outline Requirements to Attract the Right Candidate

Many people feel overwhelmed at the very thought of hiring a team member because they don't know all the steps or how they are all connected.  In this module we will focus on posting your vacancy and look at how to:

white woman revenue generation money graph iStock_000004654661XSmall.jpg  Identify the roles you require on your team
  Role Creation - 7 Keys for Clarity and Success
  5 critical decisions you should make before posting your vacancy
  3 P's to Profitable job postings (includes where to post and why!)
  6 Steps to Moving from Posting to Interviewing with Ease!
  How to determine who to interview so you make the best use of your and their time!
  And still more!


Module 3 - Optimize the Interview Process

Getting ready to conduct the interviews can seem like a daunting task.  In this module, we will look at ways of streamlining the process, so that you have everything you need to feel confident and ready to interview the candidates for your team.  I'll also share my "4S's for Success", and we'll also cover: 

gameplan2 green board iStock_000009613139XSmall.jpg   How to save hours of your time by using my preferred tool for scheduling interviews
   The types of interviews you should consider conducting, when and why!
   The types of questions to ask and how to ask them
   The questions and topics that are absolutely off limits during the interview
   Interviewing in person, over the phone, on or off camera: which to select and why!
   Everything you need for the interview process to run smoothly
   Need I say more?

Module 4 - Select the Right Candidate!

team with puzzle pieces 2 iStock_000008662365XSmall.jpgIt's now time to conduct the interview.  We will review all you need to know to feel confident in your interviewer roll and ensure you gain the information you need to determine if the candidate is a fit for you and your team!  We will discuss:

  Top 10 tips for conducting successful interviews
  Tools and strategies to rate each candidate
  Selecting your top candidate for the role on your team
  Reference checks, how to conduct them and why they are important
  Making the offer: key topics to cover to start things off on the right foot!
  What to do about all the other people who expressed interest in the position
  And yes, there's more!


Module 5 - Transition and Transform!

Congratulations! You have your new team member.  In this module, we will discuss how to launch this new "partnership" including how to integrate them into your team and your business and what you can do to increase their and your chances of success.  We will be covering: 

people handshake aka welcome team mbrs iStock_000010040399XSmall.jpg  10 Strategies you can employ to set your Power Team up for success
  How do you protect your intellectual property
  How to conduct effective team meetings
  Feedback a critical ingredient to team success, if done right!
  Systematization - key to liberating you and empower your team!
  Yes, I reserve the right to include a few more golden nuggets!




Learning how to hire the right team members is one of the best investments you will ever make as a business owner!

sheri mcconnell"Within two weeks of hiring team members, I saw significant results in my business and experienced the freedom to focus on what matters most. 

If you have any opportunity to work with or learn from Sherley, don’t even hesitate!  Sherley is caring, generous, giving and brilliant at what she does.  I cherish her and the work we have done in my business!"

Joyce O'Brien
Author of Choose to Live, Vitality Coach

How much are YOU losing by continuing to do it all yourself?

For many entrepreneurs, the thought of outsourcing makes them feel nauseous and overwhelmed, as they try to figure out where to begin. 

question dice iStock_000003028590XSmall.jpgThey have so many questions:

  • Who should I hire? 
  • Where can I find the right resources? 
  • What work should I give them? 
  • Will they do a good job? 
  • Can I trust them?
  • How do I know how long certain tasks should take?
  • What if I don’t get along with them?
  • How much will this cost me?
  • What if they are not reliable?
  • How much time will all of this take me?
  • Is it all worth it?

I could go on and on with questions, but I believe you get the drift.  It’s no wonder many entrepreneurs freeze and decide to continue trying to do all of the work themselves rather than attempt to learn the ins and outs of outsourcing all by themselves!

In the meantime, let me ask you this, how much money are you losing because you are focused on the day to day running of your business instead of on revenue generation and doing what you do best, what you love to do? 

How much valuable time are you spending being your own employee instead of the leader, CEO, of your business?

How many people are not receiving your help, your message because you are too busy working in your business? 

What business growth opportunities are you missing by having no one at the helm, focused on creating and implementing your business growth plan? 

How much money have you lost in the past because you hired the wrong people?

Can you afford to continue doing things the way you have been doing them?  Is this why you went into business in the first place?

 Are you ready to hire the right help? Here’s what you get:

Power Team Hiring Secrets – Boost your time, energy and results!

audio mp34 Content-Rich Classes - MP3 Audio Recordings
During these audio classes, I reveal how to implement my entire Power Team Hiring Blueprint. You will gain the confidence, processes, tools and tips you need to hire your own Power Team!  And because these are downloadable audio MP3 files, you can add them to your success library and have them to refer to time and time again!

q&a1 Bonus Q&A Call - MP3 Audio Recording
This bonus Q&A Call recording covers all of the top questions about finding, hiring and integrating team members into your business.  I answer each and everyone one of them personally on the recording!

I had each and every training session transcribed for you!  They are ready for you to download as part of the program.  That way they are readily accessible the next time you are ready to grow your business and hire a new team member!

Each of the four training sessions comes with its very own comprehensive handouts, so you can print them out, follow along and take notes as you listen to the audio classes!

checklistHelpful Worksheets and Checklists!
I have also included worksheets and checklists that I use in my business everyday with my VIP clients! You will be able to use these over and over again as you continue to grow your team.  They will save you loads of time and can be used over and over again!

bonus tag iStock_000010078491XSmall.jpg

Yes, I also have some Bonuses for you!

Bonus #1 – Candidate Assessment Matrix – This is THE tool that I just cannot live without when hiring team members for myself or for my clients.  It provides an "at a glance" overview of all of your candidates so that you can make decisions quickly and confidently!

Bonus #2 – Role Descriptions for some key roles that you will want to consider having on your team (yes it includes the Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager roles!)

Bonus #3 – Sample postings that you model and adapt for your business.  These will save you time and keep you from having to reinvent the wheel!

Here is the best part, your investment for this incredible program is only $397 for a limited time.

Discover Your Power Team Satisfaction Guarantee! satisfaction 100 percent.gif

I am confident that the Power Team Hiring Secrets Home Study Program will give you all of the strategies, tools, and tips you need to effectively, efficiently and confidently build your Power Team. I have no doubt that you will be absolutely thrilled with this program. 

That is why this program is backed by my Discover Your Power Team Satisfaction Guarantee!

If, within 30 days of purchasing the program, you feel that it does not provide everything I have promised, simply email my team, requesting a full refund.  No questions asked!



I would have been lost without Power Team Hiring Secrets!

sheri mcconnell“In hiring my first assistant, I was able to get through the process quickly and efficiently thanks to the BOOST Power Team Hiring blueprint and all of the time-saving strategies!

 I knew exactly how to prepare for and conduct the interviews and had a clear process for how to evaluate candidates after each interview.  Being able to CLEARLY define the role, I was also able to get CLEAR on my top candidate choices and pick the best candidate with ease!"

Beth Gillespie, MS
Certified Nutrition Consultant



Yes Sherley!
Give me access to the Power Team Hiring Secrets Home Study Program Immediately!

I understand that I am going to have access to the entire Power Team Hiring Secrets 5-Part Home Study Program, complete with audio recordings, transcripts, handouts and checklists!

Plus, I’ll get these time saving bonuses:

  • Candidate Assessment Matrix (the time and energy saver that provides all key candidate details "at a glance"!)
  • Role Descriptions (includes key roles such as Virtual Assistant and Online Business Manager)

  • Posting Templates (features copies of the postings used to fill positions on Sherley's VIP client teams!)

And I am protected by your Discover Your Power Team Satisfaction Guarantee.

Limited Time Offer:  ONLY


Rest assured – your order will be processed on secure servers.


Are you ready to grow your business and take back control of your life?  Learn how to Hire YOUR Power Team Now!

Are you ready to focus on:

  • Your next great creative project
  • How to really grow the business
  • Making juicy products people are dying for
  • Traveling to conferences and networking with the best
  • Focusing on doing the things that will improve your bottom line
  • Investing in yourself and your business to build THE Power Team that will free you to do what you want to do, when you want to do it!

Here’s how to get started right now:  Click on the "Add to Cart" button below, complete the registration page and gain immediate access to the entire Power Team Hiring Secrets Home Study Program!

Limited Time Offer:  ONLY


To your empowerment and success,

sgg sig1.jpg
P.S.: So, have you decided?  Don’t say you’ll think about it and come back to it later; we both know that won’t happen. I want you to make the decision that is right for you! You know if you are ready to take action to grow your business with the right people by your side. If so, then go ahead and  click the "Add to Cart" button, so you can get out of overwhelm and get back to doing what you really love! 

helen kim

Sherley Created and Led Power Teams of Her Own!

“Sherley was able to recognize, develop, and engage talent amongst her team in order to achieve high levels of performance, to breed success, and lay the people foundation for the future.

As her employee I received ongoing and continuous coaching and feedback. I appreciated how Sherley recognized achievements and provided straightforward constructive feedback that still left me feeling valuable. I am a better person for knowing Sherley and highly recommend her.”

Tracy Schmitt
BRLS, BED. MBA, Corporate Trainer
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