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Sherley Grace is THE business transformation and team building expert you are seeking!

Sherley is available for interviews via phone, email and in person. For more information, contact Sherley:
Phone: (514) 305-0572
Cell Phone: (514) 293-9202
Email: info@discoveryourpowerteam.com

Welcome to the media room for Sherley Grace. Sherley is a business transformation specialist who helps business professionals, consultants, coaches, solopreneurs, authors and speakers gain clarity about what is truly impeding their business growth and put a plan in motion to overcome the barriers to their business success. She works with them to create power teams and power structures that help them build their businesses beyond what they ever thought possible. She coaches them to grow from “doing” to “being” in their business and become true Power Leaders that inspire their teams.

Within weeks of working with Sherley some clients have hired and transitioned to a new team and created and implemented a plan for the delivery of sold out live events. Others have worked with Sherley during mergers to facilitate the integration of team members from competing companies. In other instances, clients have outsourced simple tasks to complete departments, while maintaining integrity, efficiency and a true focus on the individuals impacted by the process.

Sherley is a pleasant and engaging guest. She is fluent in English and French. Sherley offers concrete tips and strategies which can be quickly and easily implemented by your audiences. Key topic areas include, but are not limited to: easy ways for entrepreneurs to determine their business vision and goals; what support they require to make their goals a reality; the important of process improvement in small business, finding, interviewing and hiring the right individuals; how to integrate new team members into their business, how to “be” a Power leader; how to move from “doing” to “being” for optimal business growth, running effective team meetings, efficient project management and how to have performance-related discussions with team members.

Sherley’s Credentials

Sherley has extensive human resources and project management expertise. She has over 25 years of experience working with business leaders to create and implement systems and teams that resulted in their achieving even greater results than they had imagined possible. Sherley is also an experienced business trainer and coach.

Through her own various leadership mandates, Sherley has led global teams through significant change, assisted with the implementation of key strategic initiatives and worked with business leaders on defining and implementing their team succession and development strategies.
She is trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt and is certified in the Lominger Leadership Architect Suite: Certified in the use of instruments for competency profiling and recruitment.

If you need tips, stories or ideas on how business owners can transform their business by creating a team and implementing key business processes that empower them and serve their mission alongside of them, please contact Sherley at one of the numbers or email listed below!

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Sherley’s Contact Information

Phone: (514) 305-0572
Cell Phone: (514) 293-9202
Email: info@discoveryourpowerteam.com