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Making Money Online Starts with Goals and a Plan! | discoveryourpowerteam.com

Make money online: Start with identifying your goals and make a plan!

Looking to make money online?  In some respects it is not much different than running an offline or brick and mortar business.  It all starts with your identifying your goals, mapping out a plan and then implementing.


How? By sticking to your plan. 


Your goals should include not only financial goals for your business but also quality of life goals….you know, the boundaries you want to set around your work hours/day, dates for vacation, special anniversaries, birthdays or holidays you want to take off and good old downtime for you to rejuvenate! 


People often ask me if June is too late to start thinking about crafting goals.  My answer:  It is never too late! 


Start today.  Want some incentive…click on my photo above to take a look at the video, where I worked with one of my clients this past weekend, translating her dream for her business into goals and real actionable steps with clear timelines. 


Start creating your roadmap for your success today!  Don’t put it off any longer! 


Need some help?  Send me an email at sherleygrace@DiscoverYourPowerTeam.com and let’s set up a strategy session.  Let’s see how we can partner to propel you and your business forward today!


To your empowerment and success,

  1. 1 Alyssa

    Excited about this Sherley thanks for sharing the info. I plan to do this myself in my own business over the long holiday weekend here in the states.

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