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Hiring Friends | discoveryourpowerteam.com

Hiring Friends


Should I hire friends as employees or contractors in my business?




Hiring friends as contractors or employees in your business can work; however, it is risky. Here are a few tips to help you create a collaborative business relationship with your friend and not lose your friendship!


1. Right Candidate?  Start by assessing if your friend is the right candidate for the role on your team.  This is not about your creating a “job” specifically for this person.  It is about identifying a need in your business and determining if your friend is the ideal candidate for that role.  Do they have the skills, knowledge, expertise that are required for this role?

2. Is the role that you need to fill on your team, clearly defined?  Clear roles and responsibilities are a key component to success.

3. Share expectations.  What are their expectations of you in this new relationship – business collaboration and what expectations do you have of them…not as your friend, but as your team member!

Taking the time to discuss these key components with your friend will help both of you determine if there indeed is a place for them on your team and set you on the path to having a successful collaborative relationship with your friend. 

Remember that there is a risk, when mixing friendship with business:  if things don’t work out, you may  not only lose a team member but you may lose a near and dear friend.  So if you still want to proceed down this path, be sure to have the necessary discussions ahead of time to put the necessary components in place and set everyone up for success!

  1. 1 Gail McMeekin, Creative Success LLC

    Hi Sherley,
    Great video! This is such a key topic for biz owners right now. Women, especially need to beware of what I call “the urge to merge” where they grab a friend and start working together without discussion or clear agreements. It can be disasterous. I have a Colloration Profile which is an extensive self-assessment to take before you partner with people in my book The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women or I often give people who are looking to partner the MBTI to help them avoid losing the friendship which can be really devasting for women, in particular. Keep building those great teams!

  2. 2 Francesca Pitruzzello

    Excellent video Shirley!

    You address pertinent points on this topic which is very helpful.


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