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Team and Client Loyalty: Say Thank You | discoveryourpowerteam.com

Giving Thanks: Thank Your Clients and Team Members Too!

giving thanksHappy Thanksgiving to my friends, colleagues, clients in the USA! In addition to the traditional Thanksgiving celebrations south of the border, many stores and homes are already dawning their Christmas attire and the holiday tunes are playing on the radio.


In fact, today we awoke to a winter wonderland. Needless to say I love this time of year. It definitely is a time to be thankful!
The Forgotten – Past Clients
As small business owners, we often invest loads of time, energy, and attention in getting new clients.  Unfortunately, we often forget about the clients we already have. Those who have done business with us in the past.  This year, why not take a moment to reach out to your past and current clients and let them know they are thought of and appreciated.


A Simple “Thank You” or “Thinking of You” Goes a Long Way!

It doesn’t take much, really!  Just a simple email saying thank you and happy holidays.  Or you could send a greeting card in the mail.  A quick phone call letting them know you were thinking about them.  Done without the expectation of anything in return.


The Equally Forgotten – Current and Past Team Members

Another group of people entrepreneurs often forget about are their past and current team members.  This is a great time of year to send a short note, simply to keep in touch and let people know that they are remembered and appreciated.


Some of my clients tell me, “but I thank my team all the time, verbally.  They know they are appreciated.”  That’s terrific, but why not do the unexpected?  Why not surprise them?  I don’t know many people who don’t like surprises…especially when it involves appreciation…do you?


Simple Yet Effective

Again, I am not talking about spending loads of money… unless you really want to ;)

Simply send a little token of appreciation; it will go a long way towards continuing to build rapport, and fostering loyalty and good will!


Thank You!

I am thankful for you who enable me to live my passion which is to help free you from the daily grind of running your business, so you can focus on revenue generation and getting your blessing out to the world!  I am grateful to be able to share my strategies on building your dream team and implementing powerful systems that liberate you!

Who are you thankful for and how do you show your appreciation?  Please share your comments by clicking on the Comments graphic below.

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