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Goal Setting: Q1 is almost over; is it too late? | discoveryourpowerteam.com

Goal Setting: Q1 is almost over; is it too late?

Welcome back!  I hope you had a glorious week!  Spring seemed to make a command performance here this week, complete with blue skies, sunshine and milder weather.  It was great to be able to be rid of the big winter boots and coat!  That being said, one thing you shouldn’t be rid of are you goals!

Some people will say, “Well Sherley, the first quarter is almost over, isn’t it too late to worry about goals at this point?” To that I respond…No, Non, Nein, Iie, ‘A’ole, Não… I think you get my drift.  It is never too late to write your business goals! 

Last time we talked about how to create your 1-year vision for your business.  If you haven’t already done that, I recommend you reread my post from last Sunday and take the time to outline your 1-year vision. 

Take out your calendar!

If you already have your vision done, it is time to determine what goals need to be achieved by when.  These goals should be in support of your vision.  Take out a 12-month calendar.  If you don’t have one, feel free to print one from online; you want a calendar that will give you a month per page (no smaller than that).  Don’t go backwards and start with January; start with the current month.  Let’s say you are reading this blog post and doing the exercise in March, they your first monthly calendar page would be Mar., the 2nd would be Apr., the 3rd May, etc all the way to Feb. of next year.

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