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Looking to make money online?  In some respects it is not much different than running an offline or brick and mortar business.  It all starts with your identifying your goals, mapping out a plan and then implementing.


How? By sticking to your plan. 


Your goals should include not only financial goals for your business but also quality of life goals….you know, the boundaries you want to set around your work hours/day, dates for vacation, special anniversaries, birthdays or holidays you want to take off and good old downtime for you to rejuvenate! 


People often ask me if June is too late to start thinking about crafting goals.  My answer:  It is never too late! 


Start today.  Want some incentive…click on my photo above to take a look at the video, where I worked with one of my clients this past weekend, translating her dream for her business into goals and real actionable steps with clear timelines. 


Start creating your roadmap for your success today!  Don’t put it off any longer! 


Need some help?  Send me an email at sherleygrace@DiscoverYourPowerTeam.com and let’s set up a strategy session.  Let’s see how we can partner to propel you and your business forward today!


To your empowerment and success,

solopreneur ambition and attitudeAre you an ambitious entrepreneur? In my opinion, business success starts with an entrepreneur who is ambitious and not afraid to take action… the right action.


Ambition is often defined as the desire for “power, honour or superiority.”  Some see it as something that is negative or a fault.  However, did you know that ambition can also be defined as the urge to “be something or do something?”  The term has also been defined as something that “requires full use of your abilities.” 


There was a time, particularly towards the my last few years in my Corporate job, where I had this nudge, some call it an itch, a strong sense that there just had to be more to life than this.  Continue reading ‘Solopreneurs, coaches, service professionals: Ambition, a key ingredient for business success!’

Sherley Grace Effiel Tower, Paris, FranceWhat is one small step you could take today to move your business forward? I am asking you this because many entrepreneurs I meet feel stuck, overwhelmed, discouraged. Their business is at a standstill, and they are at a point where they want to dismantle it start over from scratch. Did you know that when the Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World Fair, the plan was to dismantle it within 10 years and sell the steel as scrap? Today it is one of the most visited and well-known structures! What if they had taken it apart? Thankfully, they didn’t; and now millions can enjoy this landmark!


With all of the hype by countless online marketers about making millions overnight, many entrepreneurs think that if they have been in business a little while and are not raking in six and seven figures, they must be failures.  They are constantly looking for the next bright shiny object, the next course, technique, blueprint that will propel them to millionaire status.  While it is possible to hit it big, quickly, this is NOT the norm. 


Starting, running and growing a business is a BIG deal!  Are you one of those entrepreneurs who feels you are not working fast enough, succeeding fast enough, implementing fast enough, learning fast enough? Do you feel that since you started your business, you are sprinting 24/7? No time to catch your breath?  Afraid that if you just stop for a moment, success will pass you by?  How is that working for your business?  Even more importantly, how is that working for you and those around you?

. Continue reading ‘Tips for Business Owners: Building your business, one step at a time without giving up!’

Welcome back!  I hope you had a glorious week!  Spring seemed to make a command performance here this week, complete with blue skies, sunshine and milder weather.  It was great to be able to be rid of the big winter boots and coat!  That being said, one thing you shouldn’t be rid of are you goals!

Some people will say, “Well Sherley, the first quarter is almost over, isn’t it too late to worry about goals at this point?” To that I respond…No, Non, Nein, Iie, ‘A’ole, Não… I think you get my drift.  It is never too late to write your business goals! 

Last time we talked about how to create your 1-year vision for your business.  If you haven’t already done that, I recommend you reread my post from last Sunday and take the time to outline your 1-year vision. 

Take out your calendar!

If you already have your vision done, it is time to determine what goals need to be achieved by when.  These goals should be in support of your vision.  Take out a 12-month calendar.  If you don’t have one, feel free to print one from online; you want a calendar that will give you a month per page (no smaller than that).  Don’t go backwards and start with January; start with the current month.  Let’s say you are reading this blog post and doing the exercise in March, they your first monthly calendar page would be Mar., the 2nd would be Apr., the 3rd May, etc all the way to Feb. of next year.

Click on this link to continue reading!

lady running with clock iStock_000002230640XSmallIt’s Sunday! Did you reset your clocks before you went to bed last night or this morning? It’s time to spring forward…move the clocks ahead one hour. I don’t know about you, but I hate to lose one hour! That being said, I do love the fact that it means spring is on its way! So the clocks are set, now how about springing forward in your business?  One way to do this is to have defined business goals. 



In yesterday’s blog post I outlined that while goals are instrumental for business growth and success, many entrepreneurs do not create them. Take a look at yesterday’s post for more information on that. Today, we are going to look at goal setting techniques that I usually share just with my coaching clients.


Over the years, I have participated in a wide variety of goal setting exercises. Some have been great and others totally ineffective. In the initial stages of my corporate career, we were asked to work together to create the 5-year plan.  Believe me that was an exercise in futility.  Why?  Well, because change was our one constant.  So, we would create the plan, jump through all the hoops to gain the approvals for our goals, then file the plan away in the cabinet and get back to working on the fluid day-to-day activities.  Does this mean I believe setting goals is an exercise in futility?  Absolutely not!  As long as they are defined for a shorter period of time and are reviewed and adapted on a regular basis, goals will help you and your team focus and achieved your desired results!


When I work with clients on goal setting, I first ask them to create their vision of what they want their business to be in a year’s time.  I ask them to imagine themselves one year from the date we are speaking and looking back on the past 12-months. I ask them to describe their business:  how much money did they make, what services or products have they implemented, by what percentage have they grown their list, what new joint venture partners have they worked with, how many hours are they spending working on their business, etc. This becomes their 1-Year Business Vision.


Some of my clients hesitate to articulate their vision for fear of getting it wrong.  If this is you, give yourself a break.  It’s your vision.  There is no right or wrong!


So why don’t you give it a try.  Pull out a piece of paper and pen or your computer and write out your 1-Year Business Vision. 


Stay tuned for my next post where I will discuss how to create your goals from your 1-Year Business Vision. 


To your empowerment and business growth,


business growth and successHappy Saturday to all of you!  I have a very important question for you today:  Would you like to run a more successful business?  If you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “Gee Sherley, isn’t the answer obvious?” I certainly hope the answer is a resounding YES!  So if this is the case, why are so many of you not doing everything in your power to succeed?  What am I talking about?  Well goal setting, of course!

Yes, I agree that marketing is important, affiliates and joint venture partnerships are instrumental, product/service creation is a must, social media presence is definitely a plus.  That being said, all of that is moot if you do not have a solid foundation upon which to build and grow your business.  Fundamental foundation components include your business mission, vision, purpose, unique offering, target audience as well and your goals. 

For today’s post, let’s focus on goals.  Have you set yours for 2010?  No?  Do you realize that we are almost at the end of the first quarter?  At this point, I would bet that many of you are probably shaking your heads, covering your ears with your hands and humming, “I can’t hear you Sherley!”  Well, listen up!  Do you want your business to be successful or not?  If the answer is indeed YES, what does success look like to you?  How will you know that you have gotten there?   

Why are goals important?  Well, those who set goals are more likely to achieve their results.  Goals give you purpose and clarity.  They help you set a destination and stay on track.  Another benefit of goals:  they help your team be more effective and efficient.  This translates into time and dollar savings for you!

So if goals are so important, why do so many of you not set them?  Fear is usually the number one reason my clients give me for not setting their goals.  The fear of not getting the goals right.  The uncertainty of the future often causes my clients to resist committing to goals.  Some are concerned that if they set goals, they will not be able to change them as other opportunities arise. 

Time is the other reason my clients state for not setting their goals.  They don’t have time to stop, sit down and think about the future.  So if this is your situation, who will be creating your business and your future if you don’t?

Goal setting is instrumental to creating a successful business.  Check back tomorrow, as I unveil some goal setting strategies I share with my coaching clients! 

Have a super day!