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Entrepreneurs: Is your business as successful as you want it to be? | discoveryourpowerteam.com

Entrepreneurs: Is your business as successful as you want it to be?

business growth and successHappy Saturday to all of you!  I have a very important question for you today:  Would you like to run a more successful business?  If you are a solopreneur or entrepreneur you are probably rolling your eyes and saying, “Gee Sherley, isn’t the answer obvious?” I certainly hope the answer is a resounding YES!  So if this is the case, why are so many of you not doing everything in your power to succeed?  What am I talking about?  Well goal setting, of course!

Yes, I agree that marketing is important, affiliates and joint venture partnerships are instrumental, product/service creation is a must, social media presence is definitely a plus.  That being said, all of that is moot if you do not have a solid foundation upon which to build and grow your business.  Fundamental foundation components include your business mission, vision, purpose, unique offering, target audience as well and your goals. 

For today’s post, let’s focus on goals.  Have you set yours for 2010?  No?  Do you realize that we are almost at the end of the first quarter?  At this point, I would bet that many of you are probably shaking your heads, covering your ears with your hands and humming, “I can’t hear you Sherley!”  Well, listen up!  Do you want your business to be successful or not?  If the answer is indeed YES, what does success look like to you?  How will you know that you have gotten there?   

Why are goals important?  Well, those who set goals are more likely to achieve their results.  Goals give you purpose and clarity.  They help you set a destination and stay on track.  Another benefit of goals:  they help your team be more effective and efficient.  This translates into time and dollar savings for you!

So if goals are so important, why do so many of you not set them?  Fear is usually the number one reason my clients give me for not setting their goals.  The fear of not getting the goals right.  The uncertainty of the future often causes my clients to resist committing to goals.  Some are concerned that if they set goals, they will not be able to change them as other opportunities arise. 

Time is the other reason my clients state for not setting their goals.  They don’t have time to stop, sit down and think about the future.  So if this is your situation, who will be creating your business and your future if you don’t?

Goal setting is instrumental to creating a successful business.  Check back tomorrow, as I unveil some goal setting strategies I share with my coaching clients! 

Have a super day!


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